Angelina Jolie, BBC and Microsoft Education created new information programme for the young

Today during the English lesson I used the new information service for young people ‚My world’. Dynamic and engaging episodes of current issues available on YouTube! Amazing inspirations for language lessons, interdisciplinary, projects, interest groups! According to the Polish website of Economy in the online edition of 25.02.20, actress Angelina Jolie, BBC and Microsoft Education have created a new information program for young people, whose goal is to provide reliable information about the problems of the modern world and develop the ability to reject fake news. The weekly version of the program is available in 20-minute episodes on YouTube. In addition, „BBC Learning and Microsoft Education also intend to create a platform where, using Microsoft Teams and the Flipgrid video platform, young people will be able to share information, create their own content, and collaborate with teachers and peers.”




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