Captain Philips from XVIII c. was our guest at English on Flipgrid AR video

Today, after the winter holidays, we had an English special guest in class 5. In connection with Australia Day (26.01 public holiday), Captain Arthur Philip himself – founder of the first Australian colony in 1788, spoke from the beyond using the augmented reality application Flipgrid. He asked us what we do during the winter holidays. How it was?

In the Flipgrid application, create a character (printout, puppet, drawing) that you want to introduce to students. Like, details below.
Students view the assignment from the qr code
Students listen to the teacher who introduces the context to the task (role playing), i.e. in connection with Australia Day, the first founder of the Australian Colony has the task for you: listen and answer (instructions in English).
Students prepare answers to questions and drawings, i.e. what they do during the winter holidays (in English, we repeat verbs and the present tense)
The teacher records student answers to questions in the Flipgrid application, the whole can be seen in the link below.

Lesson aims:

students learn augmented reality
students  learn the history of Australia
students practise verbs in English
students repeat the present tense in English
students break the barrier of speaking and working with a camera
students work by the ICT method



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