Touch the sand of Catalonia or the Berlin Wall … Learning through experience

If you are visiting Poland, Europe or the world, bring the treasures of nature with you and close them in a jar. I learned how to do it in Radowo Małe – a school full of enthusiasm, inspiration and diligence of the whole community. We are initiating such an action now at SP 35 Gdańsk. It was in Radowo Małe that I touched a piece of the Berlin Wall, which I heard about in my childhood from my uncle. I also brought sand from student exchange from Catalonia, from the river Llobregat. How many new memories, stories and knowledge are behind these souvenirs !!!
The entire school community can join in the fun. Treasures of nature (sand, stones, shells) we bring from visited places, we close them in a jar and bring them to school. At school, they will create a beautiful gallery, additionally enriched with marking places on a large map. Such souvenirs will surely awaken the viewers’ imagination, and the impressions will be empowered by curiosities and other stories about these objects.
The treasure of nature gallery is an excellent theme for lessons in various school subjects. Memories from holidays, historical stories, culinary curiosities, geographical, language exercises.

I strongly

recommend! Learn and experience!


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