Skype virtual field trip at Hung Temple in Vietnam

At the beginning of May I was honoured to be invited by the Vietnamese teacher Hue Hoang for Skype virtual field trip to Hung Temple in Vietnam. This is one of the most sacred of the historic sites by the Vietnamese. The area is a complex consisting of several temples dedicated to the cult of Hùng Vương – the first descendants the mythological founders of the Vietnamese.

Hung King’s Temple is the center, focus of Hung Kings age, the temples for worshiping Hung Kings located on Nghia Linh mountain (also known as Ca mountain by local or other names: Hung mountain, Hy Cuong mountain) at the elevation of 175 meters above sea level. This land area used be a tropical jungle and today Hung mountains is still a natural forest with different generations of trees including 150 species of plants belonging to 35 families, there are some great and old trees such as: banian, pine, cycad, parashorea…

From a distance, Hung mountain looks like a head of a big dragon heading towards the South, its body  winding into Troc mountain, Van mountain and Pheo mountain. Behind Hung mountain are the big hills close together about 10km like a herd of elephants heading to the land of ancestors, in front of Hung mountain is Bach Hac crossroads with the confluence of the three biggest rivers in the North: Red River, Lo river and Da river which all make an immense waters from which are low hills like a flock of turtles stepping towards Nghia Linh. ..In the far East is innumerable Tam Dao range (Mother mountain), in the South is sky-high Ba Vi range (Father mountain) gathered. Close to Hung mountain are hills like phoenix (Tien Kien), tiger prostrating (Khang Phu – Chu Hoa). Imposing and spectacular landscape and position full of brave soul of mountains and rivers. Standing on the high peak of Nghia Linh we can see all of an immense area impressed by charming beauty of mountains and rivers. Legend has it that Hung King traveled a lot and found this place as fitting of his capital.

Thank you Hue Hoang for this adventure!Skype-20190430-171711



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