Skype lesson about pesticides on Vietnamese TV. Teach SGDs – climate action

For the invitation of a Vietnamese teacher, Thuy Tran, I took part in the Skype lesson about the goals of sustainable development in the subject of environmental protection. Vietnamese students have prepared Minecraft presentations and the difficult issue – pesticides. Vietnamese TV has also been interested in the impact of pesticides on climate and ecology as they

participated in the recording of our activities. For many people, pesticides are a completely foreign phenomenon, distant or unknown. That is why it is worth talking, it is worth realizing and it is worth communicating to students that their actions have an impact on the future.

A very high added value of new technologies in modern learning is the fact that we get teachers and students – a new portion of knowledge in a way that is often unconscious. We also increase internal motivation, prompting us to start our own search. Students still accustomed to the model of passing knowledge only through the teacher or completing the exercises in the book, open their eyes to the possibilities that the digital world brings. We become part of the educational process in action. Global problems to be solved are part of life in every corner of the world.


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