eduScrum – a method for the 21st century school

At the end of April, I participated in the training for the school of the 21st century – eduScrum – and I gained the international eduScrum Master certificate. I highly recommend the workshops to all those who want to teach and develop the competences of 21st century (4C’s): creativity, communication, critical thinking, cooperation. The educational method of eduScrum is related to the Agile philosophy, corresponding to how to flexibly adapt to changes and Scrum, encouraging you to search for your own solutions.

The eduScrum method is aimed at the work of students who are looking for solutions to the tasks set by the teacher. The way they carry out the task belongs to them. The method gives many possibilities for joint dialogue in the group, for setting goals, for discovering and strengthening their strengths, for mutual support. We act with respect for our own and other team members’ opinions.

I recommend the eduScrum method, especially in international projects in the virtual space, where we often collide with a different culture and worldview, and where we carry out joint tasks. Communication and cooperation,  intelligent expression of  needs and empathic response to the needs of others, is the basis for learning and teaching in a global, digital and multicultural world.

more information about the training


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