Lake Tahoe USA – the national treasure of nature. Visit via Skype

Picturesque, fabulous, peculiar Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the USA – places of the famous films Bodyguard, Godfather 2 and City of Angels.
I have just come back from there.

Do you want to see this paradise corner?

Register for Skype lessons with the guardian of the California Park – Stephanie (link below) from Califronia State Parks ‚PORT Programs’

Exceptionally clear water with a turquoise shade and light rocks that rest both at the bottom and the coast, they are associated with paradise islands, such as the Seychelles or the exceptionally beautiful coastline of the Adriatic. This tropical landscape is not located by the sea or the ocean – amazing bay can be found on one of the most beautiful lakes in the world – Tahoe. It is located high in the mountains – at an altitude of 1899 m above sea level. in the Sierra Nevada range, which is part of the Cordilleras. Get to know the secret of the unique transparency of the local water and the secrets hidden in the depths of the unique reservoir!
Lying on the border between the states of Nevada and California, Lake Tahoe is the second deepest in the United States (after the Crater Lake) – it reaches 501 m. On the list of the largest lakes in the world, Tahoe also occupies a quite high 26th position.

Due to the clarity of the water and the beautiful landscape with snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada on the horizon, the lake is one of the biggest attractions of the western part of the United States. In winter, avid skiers come here, where one of the best resorts in the USA await you, and in the summer, supporters of hiking and water attractions.

Maybe you join?

We learned from the Skype lesson that:
– the lake is a beautiful and picturesque corner of the world, a national treasure of nature
– the lake is a natural reservoir of drinking water intended for use in homes, farms and industry in the surrounding states
– the lake lies at the junction of two states: California and Nevada
– it is one of the deepest and cleanest lakes in the world
– there are many parks on the lake, which are a great place for recreation for local and world tourists
– the water in the reservoir is fed by rain and melting snow of mountain peaks
– the largest cones in the world grow in the park by the lake
– park guards care about plants and animals, especially about bears



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