Easter customs from the world via Skype- Brazil, Poland and Vietnam

Easter is coming. This year it’s celebrated on the 21 st and 22 nd April. It’s the most important  holiday at Roman Catholic church.  If you and your students celebrate it or not, you can exchange international experiences via Skype. We have done it with three remote destinations – Poland Brazil and Vietnam. When Brazilian already got up, in Poland we ate dinner and Vietamese  prepared to go to bed.

Common Skype connection first began with Mystery Skype – students asked questions to guess spekaers’ location. Then we shared our knowledge about Easter traditions. We discussed traditional dishes at easter time. Our speakers were interested in Polish Wet Monday when young people throw water over themselves.

To find out more about Easter in Poland you can read link below.


Thank you Ha Nga from Vietnam and Ula Verissimo from Brazil to broaden our horizons and openness towards other cultures.





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