How to conduct a lesson abroad? Use Skype

How to conduct a subject lesson abroad? The Skype application comes with help. I had the opportunity to move to Saudi Arabia and share my knowledge about the geography and history of Poland. The conversation was a game, we had fun, learning. Thanks to the cooperation with Ms Soad Mizher teacher from Saudi Arabia, we planned a Skype connection in the Mystery Skype formula and added some modifications.

First, the students played the classic formula of Mystery Skype, so they asked a series of questions with yes / no answers, to find out where the interlocutors were staying, for example, are they in Europe? Is it cold? e.t.c.

The next task was prepared by the Polish side – questions about Poland, which Arabic students responded with the use of tablets. I asked questions about the location of Poland, the number of inhabitants, big cities. For each question, the students answered after searching on the internet. They managed very well and quickly. We have summarized new messages at the end.

We are planning another Skype connection so that Polish students can learn about Saudi Arabia.

My amazing adventure with Arab culture began with Skype lessons with Soad Mizher, which she led at the University of Dubai as part of an international education conference. (link below). That’s when we talked with the famous footballer Kuwait, who knew many Polish football teams. What an adventure!

Thank you Soad Mizher for your cooperation!


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