VisitPoland – first Skype lesson about Poland done

It is nice to hear that teachers and students from the world are interested in the Polish country, history, culture and education. On the basis of student work, I prepared a Sway presentation on this subject and placed it in the Skype lessons database on the Microsoft Education platform. School from India, from Salem – Helikx Open School – under the

supervision of IT teacher Mr. Kishore Kumar was curious about information about our country and life in Europe. It promises to be a further stage of Polish-Indian cooperation.

The subject of the Skype lesson on Poland includes geographical, historical, cultural and educational information. However, the Skype connection gives you so much freedom that we can talk about any topic. At the first Skype lesson, Indian participants were interested in the Polish education system. So I shared my experiences about Polish school, subjects, exams. Next session planned for Indian teachers in April. Then,

the students exchange experiences about education.

You can conduct the Skype lesson together with students. Each student gets the selected element of the presentation for a short discussion. You do not need additional preparation, everything is described in the presentation.

So open the door of your class for an international adventure 🙂


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