Skype lesson at the conference at Zayed University in Dubai

This is an honourable and remarkable challenge to be a guest speaker at one of the Skype sessions organised at the international conference ALLT 2019 at the Zayed University in Dubai. This is a part of training workshops of Ms Soad Mizher – a teacher and trainer in Dubai. We would like to share our experiences in using Skype in the Classroom program thanks to Microsoft Educator Community.

The Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching International Conference and Exhibition (ALLT 2019) is held from March 7th to 9th 2019 at Zayed University Convention Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, under the theme:

Engaging in Change: New Perspectives of Teaching and Learning

The Conference aims to enhance the professional and knowledge levels of the teachers and applied linguists through achieving the following objectives:

  • Exchange knowledge and experiences and discuss mechanisms of elevating the performance level of both fields specialists.
  • Inform the participants of the latest international publications in the fields of teaching and applied linguistics.
  • Present latest modern technologies and leading practices of the fields of English teaching and Applied Linguistics.
  • Highlight the importance of scientific research conducted by the applied linguists and enhance the overall performance of English teachers
  • Promote the culture of innovation and leadership in both fields.

source about the conference details :



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