Miami Vice – do you dream? – work. Plans for 2019

As one of the best students in primary school, at the turn of the 80s / 90s of the twentieth century, I believed that I would change the world. And now in 2018 I started these activities. 20 years of waiting, it was absolutely worth it, because today I change myself, school, education, world … I sail to India in my Atlantic.

Do you have dreams? Make them happen, act like me. Yesterday, on 30.12.18, my husband Sławek – my idol – inspirator – creator-initiator – asked what we wanted to watch on TV , I said  Miami Vice – Miami Police – a series from 1986. Why? Because they believed in a better tomorrow, just like me. And that’s how I watch these first episodes on cda platform TV, I and dream  about … Benny’s Restaurant in Florida. It is now. This is my dream point. Five years and I’ll get to the USA and take a photo at Miami in the Benny restaurant. Just like I took a picture at the Sagrada de Familia in Barcelona in June 2018. This was also my dream, fulfilled in 2018.

This year is an absolute wow, as Przemek Staroń says, and I hear it at Hackaton Pomorski in 2018, this is:

Skype lessons – a total revolution in my system of learning and global communication

Spring of Education – for me Oktawia Gorzeńska and Ewa Radanowicz – how to teach in a modern, design, technological, relational and communication way.

Microsoft Education Expert Teacher – 170 teachers in Poland, 5,300 in the world …. and I … I’ve been waiting for my whole life

article in the national edunews educational website with the article Revolution in global education

first blog, vlog, youtube – amazing

total change of teaching methods – students create historical songs

me on Skype at a conference for African teachers – I have no words

act, change, believe me …. …………… live ..woooooowwwwwwww









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