The ’21st Century Teacher’ Conference in Nigeria

The 21st century Teacher Conference in Nigeria:)
We are happy to inform about the first Nigerian training session for teachers and other school communities members (parents, school owners and others).
It  is being organised  by #CS First Lagos on the 2nd February 2019 at 10 a.m. in Lagos.
We invite all Nigerian school communities to register online to this remarkable free event.
At this training we will also be launching CS First Lagos and Edu -Tech Nigeria. These forums are targeted towards promoting technology and education.
 The event is powered by Microsoft Education. As a participant of the event you will be able to join Microsoft Education Community and share your experiences worldwide!
Don’t miss this chance.
 The main target for this training is to share our experiences about:
1. the need to introduce technology in the classroom
2. the need for teachers to be IT Compliant
3. technology that can help and improve teaching skills that will have
  impact on the students
 4. the need to encourage collaboration among student as a tool to bring
  out their creativity.
We do hope that we will empower ourselves to be better educators in our different classrooms.
More information see  our website!
Join us, share us, create with us:)
I will be there for you via Skype:) Listen to my invitation to the conference in vlog (video) below  and register!


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