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Skype lessons in Skype-a-Thon 13.-14.11

The Skype in the Classroom program, thanks to the free educational platform of Microsoft Education, allows Skype to contact different parts of the world by talking to the speaker or visiting. 😍

Skype-a-Thon is a global event in which we help to support the educational development of 35,000 children by implementing Skype calls and collecting „virtual miles”. Half a million students and teachers from over one hundred countries participated in Skype-a-Thon. 👍

In School 35 Gdańsk, as part of this action, we visited the Italian zoo and watched the volcano crater in Salvador. On 13.11, class 7b, together with English teachers M. M.Buszman and S. Tambelli, moved virtually to the Italian zoo, where we watched seals and sea lions. We could also hear about the appearance and habits of these animals. The virtual excursion to San Salvador aroused emotions, thanks to which we could see the volcano crater. The Salvadorian teacher showed us the way to the top of the volcano from which we admired the crater. The views were beautiful! ️ About 200 schools from around the world took part in this trip.

More about the volcano on San Salvador in the link

💬 Skype in the Classroom is the opportunity to learn from each other, learn about new cultures and search for information that has not yet been written in any school textbook – as Agata Kapica, Microsoft’s Manager for Education writes.…/microsoftmowi-skype-w-klasie…/


Skype lesson from the USA –– world at your fingertips

It was an unusual and unique meeting and moments that are worth sharing further.

On October 26th, we had a lesson in Skype Meet America’s Veterans from the USA from the Livingston County War Museum, with a veteran of the American Army of World War II – Mr. Art Leach. He was accompanied by the founder of the museum Mr. David Estes – a veteran of the Vietnam War

It was the first conversation for both the Polish and American sides with this part of the world. This is just proof of how easy it is today for global communication. Secondly, a generational exchange of experiences has taken place, with which the youngest generations go further into the world. Polish students learned about American military operations in the Pacific, about the Battle of Midway, about the American-Japanese struggle, these are  facts that were far beyond their reach.

But also the Americans gained new knowledge about the Polish way to independence and its importance in social life. We celebrate independence on November 11, Americans on July 4. Both sides were very involved in the conversation, asked a lot of questions, found answers.


Mr Leach, despite his age (97 years), had very good contact with students who demonstrated language knowledge during the interview.

Today’s meeting brought its participants a lot of emotions: a sense of importance, efficiency, responsibility, cooperation and satisfaction.

Thank you!


Mystery Skype India

Today on the 21 st we had the first Skype type Mystery lesson. It is one of the elements of the Microsoft Education educational platform. The task of students during a Skype conversation is to ask questions to the leader who are trying to guess his nationality. The students eagerly prepared their own questions about what traditional food is in your country? Is red the color of your flag? And other. After a few minutes of talk they secretly (Mystery) about the origin of the speaker. The game was successful and we even gave the Polish accent. The lecturer learned Polish good morning and thank you. Try it!


Mystery Skype – when you reach the impossible 

About Mystery Skype – I wrote ones of the Microsoft Education programs recently. However, only after carrying out this lesson I ask myself: Microsoft Education why only now have I discovered your tools for international cooperation? It’s fantastic, immersive, it’s just WOW. Mystery Skype is based on asking students in English to learn English in order to guess the place / state of their interlocutor. First, we had such a lesson with a speaker or teacher from a distant country. Now we are planning such a meeting with students from distant corners of the world online via Skype. The situation is amazing when, being here in Poland, in Gdynia, I click on the keyboard and I talk to strangers who, like us, are looking for common topics for talks and want to share their knowledge and experience. They feel the same as us, we are the inhabitants of a global village and in a moment we are moving to places we have not even dreamed about before.

For me, this place is Africa. About my impressions after talking to its residents soon.

Where do you want to go?




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